Monday, January 31, 2011

Eye Clinic

Finally something to write about.  Usually when my family and friends ask me about school I dont really have much to say.  Wake up.  Study.  Go to class.  Come home.  Study.  Eat Dinner. Study.  Go to Bed.  Repeat!  But today, we had eye clinic.  This block is over the Central Nervous System and the Eye.  So this afternoon we all got to meet at the Jones Eye Center at UAMS and look into eachother's eyes.  

By the way, Opthalmoscopes are harder to use than you would think.  But now we have one dilated eye and it makes it really hard to study in the bright lights of the library.  So we are at home sitting at the kitchen table with the blinds partially open, laptop backlights dimmed,  trying to focus!!  :)  This should be fun!

P.S. What I learned today:
Get your kids eyes checked before they are 7, some damage may be able to be corrected if detected early!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Snow is actually hitting me in the eye right now!  

This is Ruie's "You cant make me come in!" face 

Trying to find the ball

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We'll Hold hands and Then we'll go ice skating!!!

 Ice Rink set up at the River Market!

 Hunter Skating Backward... I know... its sickening how he's good at everything!!!

 And yes, I do skate with my butt sticking out!

 Looking classy by the snow people