Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally Finished!

Well, today we took our Biochem final! I'm so happy to finally be done w/ these 2 classes. I feel like I have just come out of a hypnotic trance. Its Like I know I studied and learned things for the past 8 weeks, but I just dont remember all of it. Except, you know when you wake from being hypnotized you're supposed to feel refreshed, well, i just feel exhausted. I mean we took our last test on friday, and then we had all weekend to study for our final! Well, yea right! I mean did they honestly expect us to give it 100% right after an exam. Well of course I didnt study Sat or Sun, but I did study all day/night monday. But this test was hard! I mean its a national standardized test, so of course it was hard. But I only had to make above the 5th Percentile to keep my C. But I really did want to make a B on the test. So we will just have to wait and see. Grades dont come back until after Fall Break. Which did I mention, I'm super excited about Fall Break! Its gonna be so awesome, getting to get away from stress and studying and just have a week of fun w/ my husband. Yea, my husband. It's like, who's that person? I mean, Thank God we live in the same house, or we probably really wouldnt see eachother. I really do feel bad for the other married people in our class. They really are sacrificing! But I'm really looking forward to this vacation and just enjoying Hunter's company. We really dont have anything planned. It was really a last minute trip for us. So we are just going to jump on the Metro every morning and just figure it out! lol! Well, check back next week and I will put up pics of D.C.
did i mention that we have a quiz when we get back from Fall Break! Looks like I'm studying on the plane! Oh well, I guess that's my life right now! Cant catch a break!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally New Furniture!

Media Chest
Dresser, we have the mirror, we just havent put it on yet
Hunter's nightstand
The Bed
My nightstand. And they come with this sliding tray on the top drawer
Chest thats in the closet

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Head for the Cure

So after the Exam, hunter and I crashed. Literally, we went to bed at 7:30 pm! But the next day we got in the car and drove to MO to participate in Head for the Cure 5K to raise money for Brain Cancer Research. It was an awesome experience. To meet all these other families who have gone thru the same thing we have. Hunter's sister McKinzie has started working with the Head for the Cure President to get a race going here in AR. We are very excited to be part of this great organization and get the word out about Brain Cancer. It probably wont happen till sometime next year, there is alot of stuff to do and people to contact. I hope that all of you reading this will come to the race and show your support, even if you don't want to walk/run in it. I know it would mean alot to Hunter.

Exam 2, Good news.

Well, good news, I'm not a total loser anymore. So Exam 2 was much better than Exam 1. Overall I got a B on the test, but after they broke it down into the individual tests I ended up with a C in Biochem and a B in Cell. YEY! I was very happy to see that my class rank has gone up as well! You will also be glad to know that I did do better than Hunter this time! Woo Hoo! Not much better, but I was still excited. I guess a little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Not to dis Hunter, but It is just so frustrating to know that He is watching tv, while I am studying my butt off, and He still does better than me. But not this time. Even though my grade was only 2 points higher, that's still higher. LOL!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OK, Funny Story... Finally

Yey, so I finally have something funny to blog about instead of always sounding so depressed. So today we had an "emergency" in class. At the end of one of our lectures, the two teachers were about to walk out when some people started screaming. We all looked over in that direction, expecting to see some sort of fight or something, but just saw a bunch of people looking down at something. Well, what happened is that a girl passed out. So one teacher runs up the stairs to asses the situation while the other teacher pulls out her cell phone to call 911. I can hear the teacher on her phone saying "We have a student down in the Ed 2 building!" Now apparently the dispatcher had no idea of where we were, even though we are in a classroom located right next to the emergency room. It would have been faster for Hunter to just throw this girl over his shoulder and run 50 feet than to wait on an ambulance. All the while the other teacher who went to "asses" just stands there looking on while 2 students try to wake the girl. Sometime during the madness someone went into the hallway for help, and a real MD just happened to be walking by and came in to assist. The Dr concluded that the girl was just experiencing low blood sugar and tiredness (we have our second exam in 3 days). Told her to go home and rest. Anyway, just thought it was funny... a room full over students all at least CPR and basic first aid certified and 2 teachers 20 feet in front of a hospital and it seemed like no body knew what to do! Well, in my defense, she was on the other side of the room!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Always Kiss me Goodnight...Except...

Always Kiss me Goodnight.... unless I go to bed 2 hours before you and you stumble thru the dark trying to find me and end up smacking me right in the face, and then I jump from being scared and knock my nose right into your forehead!! Now my eyes are watering and I'm flustered.
Me- "what are you doing?"
You- "What?"
Me- "Why are you waking me up?"
You- "I was being sweet!"
Me- "Sweet? I think my nose is broken! "
You- "well i thought you wanted me to wake you up!"
Me- "you thought i wanted to be woken up?"
You- "yea! so i can kiss you goodnight!"
Me- "well as nice as that is, No i dont want you to wake me up. Sleep is a precious commodity right now, and we cannot afford to loose it!"
We laugh. You apologize, kiss my nose, and plop your head on the pillow. Only the problem now is that as soon as you lay your head on the pillow, you are asleep, instantly. Joys of being a man i guess. But as for me, now I'm staring at the ceiling, WIDE awake thanks to you, watching the minutes go by. PS. its 2 AM. And now all i can think about is that i was sleeping just fine till you rolled into bed and I only have 4 1/2 hours to catch some zzzz's before I have to get up get ready and study before class. So on second thought. How bout when I go to bed before you, I kiss you goodnight then, not this 2 hours later disaster.