Sunday, December 19, 2010

A.C.s Graduation

I am so proud of my Bubba!  This saturday he graduated from Arkansas Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Associates degree in Nuclear Technology.  Congrats Bubba!!!!

Here he is being recognized for being an Honors student: 

 Here he is being recognized for graduating with Magna Cum Laude:

Well, 2 down, one more to Go!!!! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year, Hunter and I hosted Thanksgiving with my side of the family at our house!  

Yea, I had to put up our Christmas Decorations!! 

We turned Hunter's desk into a buffet! 

Ahhhh, the post-Thanksgiving coma! 
I guess it was good, because we all ate till we were stuffed! 

so sweet.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party

Well, Little Rock did Trick or Treating on Sunday Night.  Hunter and I were really excited about handing out candy this year.  It was so cute seeing all the kids in their costumes.  Unfortunately, we had a test on monday, so we had to study.  But you know me, I can study anywhere.  Here's me sitting by the front door reading my Pathology notes, waiting for the kids!  

Monday night after the test, we had a class party.  I was Flo from the Progressive commercials and Hunter was Where's Waldo.  Here we are w/ Popeye and Olive Oil 

2 Flos!!!! 

Sean was an old guy, he even handed out hard candies!!  He's next to Bob Ross! 

 You can see Hunter really got into Character 


Some 80's couple 
Happy Halloween!!!! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mud Run!

This year Hunter and I ran in the Little Rock Mud Run!  

We had an Awesome time, as you will see, part of the race is to show up in costume.  
Our classmates formed a team and came as zombies.  
Suzanne and I did not dress up, but still had a great time! 

Zombie class of UAMS 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: 

I think they were getting tired of chasing people. 

Oh, and the race included 2 obstacles.  I forgot to take a picture of the first one, 
which was a tunnel you had to squat/walk thru.  This was a balance beam
as you can see, some people did not do the obstacles...Losers! 

Leaping into the Mud Pit! 

The Mud Pit Finish Line!! 

Leap Frogging thru the Mud Pit

Human Pyramid in the Mud Pit 

We had a great time!  Can't wait for next year!!!  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Head for the Cure, Kansas City

This weekend we traveled to Kansas City to participate in Head for the Cure, an organization that supports brain cancer research.  We had an awesome time.  We were so excited to have more people this year.  Last year it was just me, Hunter, McKinzie and Alex.

Saturday night Team Robin ate at Buca de Beppo to Carb load before the race!  Ha Ha! 

Team Robin before the race!
The Runners:  Ed and Jo, Jessica, Cindy, Seth, Hunter, Alex, and Mr. Jeffrey
The Walkers: Me, McKinzie, Samantha, Julia, Karma, and Mrs. Jeffrey 

Hunter and McKinzie and Kale (in the belly)

The Family (insert Brian!)

The Start of the race!

I was trying to get a picture of the runners on our team, but only got Hunter.   Sorry guys!

After finishing the race, Hunter came back to take a picture of the walkers, so we pretended to be jogging!

We made it to the finish!

It was a great turnout.  4500 people and over 1 million dollars raised this year!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News: We're Moving!

As you all know, we have been searching for a new place.  And last week, we found the one!  We are moving to a rent house right across the street from school!  Seriously, we can walk to class.  We are so happy!  The tentative move date in mid June.  The landlord wants to make some renovations after the current tenet moves out, which is fine with me.  Thank you so much to everyone who kept looking for us, and sent us information on rent houses in the area.  We really appreciate it!  More pics will come once we are all moved in!  YEY!  

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Recipe

So, If you're like me, your a little apprehensive about trying new recipes. Well, here is a new one for ya thats really quick and easy!!! (P.S. I usually half this recipe since its just the 2 of us! )

Salmon w/ Pesto Mayo

4 Salmon Filets
1/4 c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tbls lemon juice
2 Tsp Italian Seasoning

Pesto Mayo:
3 Tbls mayo
1 Tbls Prepared pesto (i used Bertolli)

1. Preheat Broiler and line a baking sheet w/ aluminum foil
2. In a large zip-lock plastic bag, combine oil, lemon juice, and seasoning. Add salmon. Squeeze air from bag and seal. Gently massage bag to coat fish and set aside
3. For Pesto Mayo: stir together may and pesto. Remove salmon from bag, and place flesh side down on baking sheet. Broil fish 4-6 inches from heat for 3-4 min. Turn salmon and cook for another 4-6 min or until fish flakes when tested with a fork. Spoon the pesto mayo on top of the salmon.

I usually serve with white rice. This is very easy and delicious and can be made in under 2o min!!

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cadaver Ball

Last night was the Cadaver Ball. We had a great time! Here are the highlights:

End the night at Waffle House!!