Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Party

Well, Little Rock did Trick or Treating on Sunday Night.  Hunter and I were really excited about handing out candy this year.  It was so cute seeing all the kids in their costumes.  Unfortunately, we had a test on monday, so we had to study.  But you know me, I can study anywhere.  Here's me sitting by the front door reading my Pathology notes, waiting for the kids!  

Monday night after the test, we had a class party.  I was Flo from the Progressive commercials and Hunter was Where's Waldo.  Here we are w/ Popeye and Olive Oil 

2 Flos!!!! 

Sean was an old guy, he even handed out hard candies!!  He's next to Bob Ross! 

 You can see Hunter really got into Character 


Some 80's couple 
Happy Halloween!!!! 

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  1. lol! I love how Waldo's hiding in the pics! Glad you got to have some fun.