Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OK, Funny Story... Finally

Yey, so I finally have something funny to blog about instead of always sounding so depressed. So today we had an "emergency" in class. At the end of one of our lectures, the two teachers were about to walk out when some people started screaming. We all looked over in that direction, expecting to see some sort of fight or something, but just saw a bunch of people looking down at something. Well, what happened is that a girl passed out. So one teacher runs up the stairs to asses the situation while the other teacher pulls out her cell phone to call 911. I can hear the teacher on her phone saying "We have a student down in the Ed 2 building!" Now apparently the dispatcher had no idea of where we were, even though we are in a classroom located right next to the emergency room. It would have been faster for Hunter to just throw this girl over his shoulder and run 50 feet than to wait on an ambulance. All the while the other teacher who went to "asses" just stands there looking on while 2 students try to wake the girl. Sometime during the madness someone went into the hallway for help, and a real MD just happened to be walking by and came in to assist. The Dr concluded that the girl was just experiencing low blood sugar and tiredness (we have our second exam in 3 days). Told her to go home and rest. Anyway, just thought it was funny... a room full over students all at least CPR and basic first aid certified and 2 teachers 20 feet in front of a hospital and it seemed like no body knew what to do! Well, in my defense, she was on the other side of the room!

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