Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Always Kiss me Goodnight...Except...

Always Kiss me Goodnight.... unless I go to bed 2 hours before you and you stumble thru the dark trying to find me and end up smacking me right in the face, and then I jump from being scared and knock my nose right into your forehead!! Now my eyes are watering and I'm flustered.
Me- "what are you doing?"
You- "What?"
Me- "Why are you waking me up?"
You- "I was being sweet!"
Me- "Sweet? I think my nose is broken! "
You- "well i thought you wanted me to wake you up!"
Me- "you thought i wanted to be woken up?"
You- "yea! so i can kiss you goodnight!"
Me- "well as nice as that is, No i dont want you to wake me up. Sleep is a precious commodity right now, and we cannot afford to loose it!"
We laugh. You apologize, kiss my nose, and plop your head on the pillow. Only the problem now is that as soon as you lay your head on the pillow, you are asleep, instantly. Joys of being a man i guess. But as for me, now I'm staring at the ceiling, WIDE awake thanks to you, watching the minutes go by. PS. its 2 AM. And now all i can think about is that i was sleeping just fine till you rolled into bed and I only have 4 1/2 hours to catch some zzzz's before I have to get up get ready and study before class. So on second thought. How bout when I go to bed before you, I kiss you goodnight then, not this 2 hours later disaster.

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