Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And I thought the MCAT was hard... Exam 1

Ok, so we took our first test, and lets just say it could have been worse. 2 weeks of studying 6 hours a day (outside of class) and a whole weekend of studying for 24 hours, and, well, Basically I got a D! So looking on the bright side I didn't fail. LOL! Hunter however got a C. You all know how that went. I studied twice as much as he did and he still did better than me. It's a good thing I like him, cause that really makes me mad. So here's the break down: We had 3 and half hours to answer 134 questions. It took me 3 hours... it took Hunter 1.5. Disgusting I know. When he got up I was thinking to myself, he better be going to the bathroom. 10 minutes later, I was thinking, That Bastard! He's finished!! I hate him! Its basically 3 hours of excruciating pain and when you hit submit, there's your score. A measure of how much you suck at life. Or how awesome you are, I just happen to be at the suck end! But its not over yet. See, we are on an integrated system. Meaning of the 134 questions, 58 of them were from Cell, and 76 of them were from BioChem. So now the computer has to break down my percentage from each category. So even though I got a D overall, that's not my final score. So its gonna get a lot worse. I dont have those scores yet. Then Hunter and I decided the perfect way to relax after a long, upsetting day would be to go Grocery Shopping and pay some bills. Isn't the real world Great! You should have seen us at WalMart. We were pathetic. It was not a good idea to go anywhere involving brain power. What should have taken us 45 min ended up taking 2 hours. We just walked up and down the isles, staring off into space, picking things up, putting them back down. Hunter kept walking really slow. We couldnt remember what we needed, even though i had the list in my hand the whole time. So later that night, we end up going out with the rest of our class. We all needed a few drinks after today. So ofcourse everyone wants to talk about the test, and how they did, which is the last thing I want to tell people. But here it is, the light at the end of the tunnel: So i'm feeling bad hearing all these people tell me how "great" they did, and then one guy (named Hunter als0) is like, "well you looked at the old tests, right?" And i said no, why would I, we're on a new system, so the old tests wouldnt help, would they? Uh yea! Apparently they did. Hallelujah! Thank God! I'm not stupid, all these people aren't way smarter than me, they just had a competitive advantage. Well, don't worry. I'm gonna get my hands on those for next time. I guess I just didnt realize how Med School was going to be like the undergrad. But if they are going to use them, then so will I. Grades are everything if I want to be Matched w/ a Good Residency program!

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