Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This mission should we choose to except is as follows:

Graduate from Med School in 4 years without hating eachother!

Seems simple enough, right? Wrong! With the divorce rate in this country already at 50% and even higher for people in the medical field, we are starting with a huge disadvantage with both of us wanting to become doctors. So far we have been happily married for 7 wonderful months. High school sweethearts and all that cute stuff. Most people say we are crazy trying to go through med school at the same time.

But, we are bound and determined to find a way.

So, feel free to follow along on our journey as we attempt to make it as the Newly Meds.


  1. Great idea! I will be very excited to follow the Newly Meds/Newly Weds. Half the battle is knowing that this will be a difficult journey. Find time to nurture one another and you will be fine. "Do your best and let God do the rest" "Never be your own NO!" These have always been words that I live by. Keep the updates coming. Find a reason to laugh everyday. :)

  2. Hey guys. I truly believe that you guys will do great both on your own, persuing your own goals and together. You have a beautiful way of inspiring each other to greatness, as well as being able to step back and let each other spread your wings to achieve individual greatness!! Remember first and formost to be each others friend!!

  3. 1,498 days until graduation.....YIKES

  4. 739 days until USMLE part 1!!!

    The USMLE Step 1 is the first part of the US medical licensure examination. It assesses whether medical school students can apply important concepts of the sciences fundamental to the practice of medicine. US medical students typically take Step 1 at the end of the second year of medical school. The exam is an eight-hour single-day computer-based test composed of seven sets As of May 2008 there are 48 questions per set for a total of 336 questions for the day. Each section is one hour long, allotting a minute and fifteen seconds for each question. The USMLE has begun using a small number of audiovisual questions on Step 1. These questions generally have interactive animations and may have audio components, such as heart sounds, which must be evaluated by the test taker.

    Each day you go to class and each test you PASS brings you a step closer to USMLE part 1...then you start preparing for part 2 YIKES!!!

  5. your right...think of med school as having to learn a new language..once you have mastered its lingo...a big light bulb will come on!!