Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Percent

So you know how after a really hard work out you can get muscle cramps?... well the other night after a long night of studying I was laying in bed and my head started to hurt. But this was not your typical headache, I swear this was a muscle cramp in my brain!!!! Seriously! So I started thinking about how they say we only use 10% of our brains and I've decided that has to be incorrect. I have to be using more than that! At least 11%.

My grades did finally post. I made A's on both my quizzes. But before you go off acting all proud and stuff. This was just a gimme quiz. It was only 18 questions and some of them were just plain easy. It is in no way any indication of how I will do on the first Exam. Which is next monday by the way. Am i scared... NO, I am terrified. I sit in a room full of people who already know all this stuff, or at least they act like they do, and its all new to me!!! Nothing like going to med school to make you feel really stupid.

Speaking of feeling stupid or at least inadequate. Today our lecturer was an orthopedic surgeon discussing Stem Cells. (dont worry, not going to use this post as my soap box, at least not today!) And alot of what he is saying is Super interesting, about what they can do, what they cannot do, and the research people are still developing. Then after about 15 minutes of lecture he says, "Now don't worry about some of this stuff, you wont be tested over it, I just feel it's important you know about it since your in medicine." And I'm like DUDE! I only have 10% of my brain to fit in all this information. Do NOT start clouding it up with things I wont be tested over!!!!!

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