Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is it like?

So in case you were wondering what it is like to be a med student, here is the best example i can come up with. Lets say you look at the syllabus and tomorrows lecture is over "The Princess and the Pea". And you think to yourself, great, i remember that story. Maybe not word for word, but prince looking for wife, puts pea under the bed, marries the girl that is honest about it... blah blah. ok, then you get into class and the slides look like this:
rase una vez un príncipe que quería casarse con una princesa, pero que fuese una princesa de verdad. En su busca recorrió todo el mundo, mas siempre había algún pero. Princesas había muchas, mas nunca lograba asegurarse de que lo fueran de veras; cada vez encontraba algo que le parecía sospechoso. Así regresó a su casa muy triste, pues estaba empeñado en encontrar a una princesa auténtica.

Una tarde estalló una terrible tempestad; sucedíanse sin interrupción los rayos y los truenos, y llovía a cántaros; era un tiempo espantoso. En éstas llamaron a la puerta de la ciudad, y el anciano Rey acudió a abrir.

Una princesa estaba en la puerta; pero ¡santo Dios, cómo la habían puesto la lluvia y el mal tiempo! El agua le chorreaba por el cabello y los vestidos, se le metía por las cañas de los zapatos y le salía por los tacones; pero ella afirmaba que era una princesa verdadera.....

AHHHH!!! Scary right! so i'm listening to a lecture in a foreign language, and now i have to go home and try to look up all this stuff. Try to memorize it, Try to understand it. and then be ready for even more tomorrow. Oh and did i mention that there are literally 1000+ slides that i will have looked at before my First Exam? And you have to know every single one cause they are all important.

How am i supposed to manage this, i have no idea!!


  1. Glad it is you and not me. The really frightening aspect of this whole thing is that you really like this stuff. Which makes me feel better knowing that someone out there will be able to keep me healthy for a very long time. You are my hero.

  2. why is it all in a foreign language?? im so lost! haha! it's spanish right..are you taking spanish classes too??

  3. both of you study hard and get real good because I will probably need you both in a few years. Miss you both-LOVE