Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Ruie Poop Story

OK, for those of you that still check this thing, if you haven't heard the Ruie story, here it is:

So on one of the end tables in our living room is a bowl of chocolates. Its been there ever since we've been married. Ruie has NEVER bothered it. In fact, the dog has never had people food. She wont go near it, even if we tried to give her some. So one day, I come home from school to fine that Ruie has had diarrhea and vomiting at least 12 times all over our living room and kitchen. Now when i say everywhere, let me paint you a picture! Seriously, I could not walk through my house without having to strategically plan my next step. And the smell!!! Oh my gosh... The Smell! So, i get on the phone and I call Hunter. I'm near Hysterics right now, and I am telling him to get home NOW. Of course he does not realize the magnitude of the mess awaiting him. So he walks in expecting one or 2 piles. Ha! He immediately has to turn around and go find somewhere to rent a Rug Doctor! I stay behind to attempt to clean the kitchen floor. All the time, poor Ruie has been locked in the bathroom, just in case she wasn't finished. Hunter makes it back with the Rug Doctor and It takes 3 hours to clean our carpet. THREE hours. and if you've been to our apartment, you know its not a big place. Oh, and how did we know it was chocolate that made her sick? Well, it wasnt because the bowl was empty. When Hunter started cleaning up the carpet, he noticed some shiny sliver pieces in the poo. From what he was able to deduce, she only had 3 Hershey Kisses. So she was in no danger of being really sick, but we were still concerned. So that was Wednesday.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday goes along. Still some bathroom problems, but not in the house, only when she went outside.

its sunday night and we are watching tv in our bedroom, and Ruie is laying in the bed with us. She hadnt had any more accidents so we thought she would be fine with us while we watched tv. Except that we both fell asleep with her on the bed... Big Mistake! I wake up around 4 am and there is this terrible smell. I wake up Hunter and tell him Ruie needs to go out now, she has bad gas. So i get up and turn on the light, and it wasn't gas! yep, it was diarrhea, in my bed. My BED!!! and Poor Ruie didnt even know she had done it, because she was asleep lying in it. So when Hunter finally sees the bed, and He jumps out of it, well this wakes up Ruie so she jumps out of the bed. And what do dogs to when they wake up... They shake. And there goes poo, all over our walls!! It was bad! He throws her in the shower, i start taking off the sheets and putting them in the washer. I put our comforter in a trashbag to be taken to the dry cleaners the next day, and then i get started on cleaning the walls. :( Then, we finally get back into bed around 5:30 am.
We over sleep, obviously. we dont have time to shower, so we just grab the comforter, grab our backpacks and get in the car. We make it to the dry cleaners and start telling the lady what happened. Her first response is. "well, is it dry?" Hunter's like I dont know! its been in the bag. Now for those of you who know Hunter, He is usually slow to get angry, but when he does get angry (not at me ofcourse) it is really funny, cause its a rare thing! Anyway, after arguing with her for a few minutes about the differences in biohazards being wet or dry, she refuses to take it. So now, we are 15 min late to class with a poopy comforter. WE dont have time to go back to home, so we have to open it up in the car, crack the windows, and just leave it.

We finally make it to class, and today we have lab in the morning. We walk into lab to find out that today is the day that we get to dissect the intestines, cut them out, and clean out the poop!!!

My heart sank.

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