Monday, March 15, 2010

Off With Your Head!

So sometimes, during lab, I find myself very disturbed by some of the things they have us do. If you have a weak stomach, DO NOT continue reading...

so we are nearing the end of Gross Lab (Thank God!) and we are on the Head and Neck region. Well, Today we had to explore the nasal cavity. What does that entail? Well, We had to Remove the head from the vertebra and then cut the Face in half. Yep, right down the middle so we could see inside the nasal cavity. I mean, don't get me wrong. It is really cool to get to see the stuff that we get to see, But as I'm holding this head While Hunter takes a saw to it, I just couldn't help thinking "What are we doing!?!"

Before, I go any further, Please let me say, That we are Very, Extremely Grateful to all those people who graciously donated their bodies so that we may learn and become intelligent and capable Doctors one day!!!!

Today made me think of my brother Elliott. A few summers ago, he had to have major surgery to open up his sinus cavities. And i remember being in the doctors office when it was time to remove the packing. You know how clowns do that thing where they pull the scarves from their mouth and it seems to go on and on for ever. Well, imagine that, coming out of Elliott's nose!!! I'm serious, I could not believe how much gauze was coming out of his face!!! So today, we are examining the cavities and that was all I could think about. Where did that doctor stuff all that damn gauze!!!

Gross used to be my favorite class for two reasons. 1. I have hopes of being a surgeon one day, so I was super excited to start cutting on people. and 2. because the more lab time you have equals less lecture time!!! But now, I am just really over the smell and the decay! And the things we are dissecting are in a much smaller place than say, the abdomen, so nerves and vessels are getting harder and harder to find! only one more week after spring break and we are done!!!

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  1. When Hunter texted Zach last night about cutting a head in half, I almost got sick. I do NOT have the stomach to be a doctor! ps-I'm feeling much better now :)