Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the Peds patient

Pediatric Patient today. We got to experience what it was like to take a history for a kid, talking to the parent of course, but while the kid was interrupting, running around, grabbing things, etc.. our kid was actually pretty well behaved for a 3 yr old. However, I did not get the Peds bug today. I have never really felt that desire to work with kids. Probably because i'm not very sympathetic. Mom, you know i get that from you. We'd come in with like a cut, spurting blood, and mom would be like "eww, that looks bad... oh well, you're ok!" LOL. So, i guess my kids are doomed, cause I'll be the same way! Also, I dont have much patience for other people's kids when they are misbehaving. Excuse me, but i just think when you are at a restaurant and your kid is throwing a fit, you should excuse yourself and the annoying child from the table so as not to disturb the other diners and deal with the kid!!! So, with all that put together, I probably would not make a very good pediatrician!

Peds surgery tho... thats another story. But word on the street is that is the Hardest field to get into. Like they only accept 20 people in the whole country to become a Peds surgeon. Or something like that.

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