Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Countdown!

So, We have just over a month left of school! Thank God! I am soooo ready for summer. We just finished our Gross Anatomy class and took our final exam. I'm really glad Gross is over just because it was really starting to get GROSS!! Our final class is Neuroanatomy. I kinda like learning about the brain and how it works, however, my motivation to study is slowly dwindling as they days get closer and closer to summer vaca! I'm trying really hard to stay focused though.

In other news, we are currently looking for a rent house. We would love to buy a house, but I dont think we could get a loan seeing as how neither of us have any real income. Our friend Valorie recommended the house she is moving out of, but Hunter spoke to the Landlord and it didn't go well. He tried to charge us more than what Val pays now, and even after we told him we were not going to pay more than what Val pays, the conversation was pretty much over. No negotiation at all. Well, I had a good 15 min cry about things. I just let myself get really attached to the idea of moving into that house. I had started imagining what color I would paint our bedroom, and how we were going to arrange our furniture, and what flowers I wanted to plant in the yard. I know, I shouldn't have allowed myself to get start daydreaming all those things, but I want to get out of our apartment so bad!


  1. :-( awe :-( You wanna house, girl! It'll come, it'll come.

  2. Alexis! I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm so glad I found it!! Do you guys get all the emails about houses from the list serve? That's where Del and I came across our house....if not, let me know and I'll have Del start forwarding any houses for rent he sees. They should start flooding your inbox soon, since all the 4th years will be moving soon.

    Hope you have a great weekend! See you Tuesday!

  3. I can understand the pain!

    By the way...I love your blog. It sounds like you and Hunter are having some fun experiences these days.